August Officer Q&A

We are introducing a new monthly Officer Q&A on our website.  We will ask a handful of questions to our Officers, ranging from professional to family life.  Feel free to let us know if there are any questions you would like to see addressed in our future monthly posts by going here!



This month’s Officer participants include:

  • Tanya Lundberg – President Elect;
  • Katie Pacynski – Recording Secretary;
  • Silvia Mansoor – Communications Secretary; and
  • Kristina Bilowus – WLAM Representative.

How are you enjoying the last bit of summer before the hustle and bustle of fall?

  • Tanya: Spending as much time at the pool as possible!
  • Katie: My parents live on a lake, so I like to spend as much time there as possible.  There’s really nothing better than sitting outside with family and great neighbors with great food and drinks!
  • Silvia: I’ve been trying to make the most out of this entire summer.  The same applies towards the end.  I think I’m succeeding.  I recently participated in an organized bicycling event where I was able to ride 66 miles.  I’ve also been staying busy with my new kitty, Amelia.  I have also been getting ready for the new degree that I’m tackling this Fall–a Master’s of Science in Information at the University of Michigan.  I’m planning to relax with a friend or two on Labor Day and then get ready for some excitement!
  • Kristina: Spending as much time as I can outdoors.

Do you have any tips or tricks for preparing for the busy fall season?

  • Tanya: We rely on our google calendars (individual, shared, and kid) to keep track of everything going on and we have Sunday family meetings to talk about the upcoming week. We still have to buy our UM season t-shirts, but we have all of our games planned, including the road game at Wisconsin.
  • Katie: I don’t do anything to really “prepare” for the fall season, but I do look forward to wearing sweaters and sweatshirts (until I get sick of them by the time January rolls around), watching Michigan football, and burning fall-scented candles. I love the way my house smells at that time!
  • Silvia: Don’t get distracted and focus on what’s important in the long-run.
  • Kristina: I try to do a fall cleaning (notice the operative word “try”) where I sort, pitch, recycle items in my home as I transition to a new season. And, in so doing, it forces me to get organized with the start of a new year. I also love getting new planners!

What was your favorite WBA Oakland event last year and do you have an event you are already looking forward to for this year?

  • Tanya: My favorite event last year was the Champagne Soiree. I am looking forward to that again, and trivia night and the annual dinner. I’m also really looking forward to the WLAM centennial celebration.
  • Katie: I have no art skills whatsoever, but I do enjoy the Painting with a Twist event every year.  We get a great turnout, with lots of new faces, and it’s a fun, stress-free night.  Even if my painting doesn’t turn out well (it never does!), it’s still a great time!  I also really enjoyed our service activity last year, where we volunteered with Humble Design to clean and furnish a house in Pontiac.  It’s a very humbling experience, and it’s amazing to see what a difference a small group can make in just a few hours.  I work in downtown Pontiac, so it’s even more rewarding to help people in our community.
  • Silvia: I actually really liked our periodic Bar Briefs happy hour gatherings that we had last year.  It’s nice to converse in a low-key environment.  I’m looking forward to those again.  I’m also looking forward to the Champagne Soirée this year.
  • Kristina: It’s probably a tie between Painting with a Twist and Trivia Night. Both were so much fun. This year’s anticipated activity? Yes, I’m looking forward to both –again.

Aside from being a member of WBA, do you have any recommendations for other professional, social, or charitable organizations to become involved in this upcoming year?

  • Tanya: I find my Oakland County Bar Association and Detroit Bar Association memberships very valuable. I especially enjoyed participating in the Inns of Court when I was still practicing. I also recently joined 100 Women Who Care of Northville. There are a few metro Detroit chapters of this organization, which combines the charitable donations of at least 100 women to increase the impact of their donations. At our most recent meeting, we donated about $16,000 to a children’s foster home/treatment center in Detroit to build a sensory garden and new playscape.
  • Katie: I have recently become involved with a nonprofit called Art&Soul, which is dedicated to connecting families to children in the Michigan foster care system.  Art&Soul believes that every child is a work of art and showcases this message through a traveling art exhibit featuring photos of children in the foster care system looking for their forever families.  The Board is so passionate about these children, and it’s contagious!  We are always looking for more people to get involved and spread the word, so feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested.
  • Silvia: For those involved in the Oakland area, the Oakland County Bar Association is always great.  The State Bar of Michigan is a great organization to get more involved with as well.  If you’re into cycling or running, I’d also encourage you to look into the Hope Water Project, which raises money for water-well construction.
  • Kristina: I would recommend being involved in organizations that matter to you, whether they are professional or otherwise. Additionally, I would find at least one activity, organization, etc. that does not pertain directly to the law. That way, you can explore other interests and interact with others you may have never even had the chance to meet.