January Officer Q&A

This month’s Officer participants include (left to right):
Erin Morgan Klug  President
Tanya Lundberg – President Elect
Katherine Pacynski – Recording Secretary
Silvia Alexandria Mansoor – Communications Secretary
Erin Flynn – Treasurer
Kristina Bilowus – WLAM Representative

Do you believe in making New Year’s Resolutions?  If so, what is a resolution of yours?
Erin K: I believe in setting goals. This year my goal is to finish remodeling my house! I’m also trying to be more positive in general.
Tanya: Yes, although it seems like I make the same ones every year! Two big ones for me this year are to get more sleep and to do better with my family budget.
Katie: Sure, I’d love to tell myself that I’ll work out more or that I’ll eat healthier, but let’s be honest… The gyms are too crowded in January anyway!  I tend to make more of an effort (though my colleagues may disagree!) during Lent, so I’ve got another month before I start making any serious changes!
Silvia:  I do.  I’ve decided that I’m paying more attention to skincare this year.  Hopefully, I can form some good habits to continue in the coming years.
Erin F: Yes.  I think they are important to keep you on track, but I like to make more generalized resolutions like “use time more wisely,” rather than “work out 7x a week.”  I also like to check in on my resolutions each month and make sure that I’m meeting the goals I’ve set for myself, and see if I need to tweak them a bit to make them more specific.
Kristina: I do (though I am not the best at following through on them)! Professionally, I am striving to take a more active role in management at my firm. Personally, I want to get serious about a fitness program! 

What are you looking forward to the most in 2018?
Erin K: My house being finished (see above).
Tanya: I am really looking forward to the WLAM Centennial celebration in April.
Katie: My husband and I are expecting our first child in March!  We’re excited (and terrified) to become parents and to watch our little one experience so many firsts in 2018.
Silvia Following the mid-term election season.
Erin F: My wedding!  (Surprise!)
Kristina: The opportunity to learn from yesterday and use that knowledge to move forward and grow as an individual.

What was your favorite memory from the holidays?
Erin K: Traveling to Florida with my dogs to visit my parents – it was so warm!
Tanya: Sledding with my son.
Katie: The holidays are chaotic for us since we go to four parties—two on Christmas Eve and two on Christmas Day.  It’s wonderful to see so many family members, but it’s also very exhausting!  I really enjoyed spending New Year’s Eve at home with just my husband.  It was nice to relax and have some time with just the two of us.
Silvia: Watching our family dog, Yoda, open up her Christmas presents.  It’s always quite the scene!
Erin F: Getting engaged, and spending lots of time with family.
Kristina: Spending quality time with two longtime friends.

If you could do anything in the new year, what would it be? (No budget or time limitations)
Erin K: Stay somewhere warm until Spring, preferably with a cold beverage in hand.
Tanya: Spend a month traveling all over Europe.
Katie: I’d love to travel more.  Obviously, that’s unrealistic with a baby on the way, but a girl can dream!
Learn how to fly a plane and go wherever I want.
Erin F: Travel anywhere!
Kristina: Keeping my family and friends healthy and safe.