October Officer Q&A

This month’s Officer participants include (left to right):

  • Erin Morgan Klug – President
  • Tanya Lundberg – President Elect
  • Samantha Orvis – Vice President
  • Katherine Pacynski – Recording Secretary
  • Silvia Alexandria Mansoor – Communications Secretary
  • Kristina Bilowus – WLAM Representative

Which team will you be cheering for this weekend?

  • Erin: U of M!
  • Tanya: UM – Go Blue! Can’t wait to see what Don Brown’s defense does this week.
  • Samantha: Neither. Not a football fan. (I know, boooo)
  • Katherine: Michigan, of course! Go Blue!
  • Silvia: I always have that MSU spirit!
  • Kristina: So this is always tricky for me as I live in a house divided (i.e. my sister is at DO Medical School at MSU). However, there is no question – my heart has always and will always belong to U of M (and the city of Ann Arbor).

Fall weather will eventually arrive to Michigan, do you have a favorite book or magazine you recommend reading?

  • Erin: I recommend that everyone re-read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark that we all read as kids. Those were the best…
  • Tanya: Summer by Edith Wharton, the Outlander series, anything by Jane Austen, although I’m currently reading What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Samantha: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  • Katherine: I recently read Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.  For all the hype around the HBO miniseries, I found the book to be much better. Otherwise, I tend to read the Kindle First books (one free book every month) from Amazon, and I don’t particularly recommend any of those.  You really do get what you pay for!
  • Silvia: I like catching up with Fast Company magazine.  Currently also reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
  • Kristina: I recommend reading anything you have been hoping to but haven’t gotten around to yet or joining a book club! I belong to a couple of book clubs and am always intrigued by the choices – selections I probably would not have chosen on my own but am glad I got to read.

How do you balance work, family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? (Fun fact – Erin and Kristen Pursley just ran the Ragnar Relay)

  • Erin: Step 1: Accept that you can’t do it all. Be happy with what you accomplish and don’t compare yourself to others – be proud of what you do. Step 2: Find an activity that you love and that is uncomplicated to actually accomplish. I run because all I need is a pair of shoes and the road. I can do it any time of day and wherever I want. As for balancing work and family – that’s still a mystery to me 😉
  • Tanya: I took a position with a more regular schedule so I could more easily plan for family and wellness. I tend to exercise at night after my son is asleep or try to incorporate him in my exercise on the weekends – playing catch with him, chasing him around the playground, going for walks or bike rides.
  • Samantha: I just had a baby, so this is still to be determined… however I do consistently remind myself that my work, despite the pleasure it brings me to feel accomplished in my career, is still just a job and may be temporary. Family is forever. Also, you can’t pour from an empty cup!
  • Katherine: I try to get as much done during the week so I’m less stressed by the time the weekend rolls around.  My husband has the same philosophy, and we reserve Saturdays for college football and getting stuff done around the house this time of year!  As for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I’m still struggling with that one, but I’ve been trying to eat healthier as of late.  I do have a gym membership, and I keep telling myself I’ll get in there one of these days…
  • Silvia: I’m still figuring this part out.
  • Kristina: Work-life-balance right? I cannot profess to say I’ve got it down. However, I know time management is important to me. Making sure I get work, projects, etc. done but also having time for fun is important.  Time for family and friends has become an even greater part of my life.

How has WBA positively impacted your life professionally and/or personally?

  • Erin: Aside from the outstanding referral network I have built in my years involved with the WBA, the friendships I have formed with these women will last a lifetime. I can honestly say that these women are some of my best friends – those relationships are priceless.
  • Tanya: Professionally, being a WBA member has helped me in numerous ways. But the most significant way it helped me was giving me an opportunity to plan an event involving students and attorneys at Detroit Mercy Law, which inspired me to pursue my current position. Personally, I’ve made some great friends, I’ve gone to a ton of cool places that I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise, and I’m constantly amazed and re-energized by so many passionate women lawyers and working mothers.
  • Samantha: WBA has provided a network of some similarly situated professional ladies who I can call on for advice. I like the opportunities to engage others in the legal community.  We have a diverse number of activities that are a lot of fun and offer an excuse to get out of the office and interact with people outside of my field.
  • Katherine: I have met so many great people through attending WBA events.  I’ve especially enjoyed working with and getting to know the other women on the Board.  Being an active member of the WBA has allowed me to build a network of intelligent, hardworking women, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them.
  • Silvia: It’s introduced me to new people that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.
  • Kristina: Honestly, my involvement with WBA has opened doors to other professional affiliations and opportunities I would not have otherwise had the privilege of doing. Additionally, networking has increased as well as the development of other relationships I probably would have missed out on.