Sarah Killgore Wertman Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The WBA’s purpose is to promote improvements in the administration of justice, to improve relations between the legal profession and the public, to secure the rights of women in society and to advance the interests of women in the legal profession, and to promote equality and social justice for all people.

In alignment with this purpose, the WBA formed a scholarship fund.  The scholarship itself is called the Sarah Killgore Wertman Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded each year during our WBA Annual Meeting.

Who is Sarah Killgore Wertman?

Photo Credit: University of Michigan Law School







Sarah Killgore Wertman was the first woman in the United States to both graduate from law school and obtain admission into the bar.  Ms. Wertman attended the University of Michigan Law School and graduated in 1871.

As with many women in that time, her fearlessness and perseverance paved the way for many women who came after her.  Today, women make up roughly half of the law school student population and go on to serve as attorneys, judges, politicians, and more.  To find out more about Sarah Killgore Wertman, please click here or here.












Award Recipients

2017 – Michelle Shember
2018 – Kristin Crowley